CCTV and Remote Access

CCTV and Remote Access CCTV Systems allow you to fully utilise your security staff. Video lets you watch parts of your premises which are otherwise not physically reachable. When integrated with highly trained security officers, CCTV systems enable a higher level of protection and reduce risk, whilst keeping within your budget.

CCTV Systems

CCTV provides much more discretion than any other means of security. It also meets all legal requirements should there be an incident on your premises. CCTV also provides historical evidence to support you. As you are aware that theft and fire is damaging to your business, as is an employee who may have had an accident on site.

CCTV Systems We can provide our clients with everything from stand-alone cameras in the office to much more complex, IP address CCTV systems. Frontline Security offers both analogue and IP cameras, and we can set up on-site or in-the-cloud video monitoring for you. Our monitoring systems allow us to efficiently and remotely monitor and respond to your all your incidents.

Responsible and Reliable Company

A friendly, reliable and cost effective service

Passionate about our work

A company who provides a highly professional approach to security

Only the best staff Provisioned

‘customer’ focused staff so your venue and customers are safe at all times.

Professional Approach to Security

Fully insured service with Employers and Public Liability Insurance.

A System Designed For You

A System Designed For You Our specialist security team will visit you to identify and design a system that works best for you. We have a range of CCTV systems and not all sizes fit everyone. We advise you on the best options that will cover your premises with the most efficiency.

Remote Mobile Access

Wherever you may be you are not too far away from technology. New tablets, Phones and media devices have built in capabilities to stream data and video from an internet connection anywhere in the world. Our Remote Mobile Access feature gives you the ability to view your site both live and recorded from various devices.

We will set you up with Remote Access so that you are always connected to your premises.